Upcoming Events

The 3ie-IFPRI seminar series is designed to highlight innovative papers on impact evaluation and facilitate discussion of new impact evaluation research. The seminars are held on one Thursday of each month from 12:30-2:00pm at IFPRI’s Washington DC headquarters (2033 K St. NW). To RSVP to any event, please contact Alexandria Cannon (a.cannon@cgiar.org)

October 23: The Role of Price Information in Agricultural Markets: Evidence from Rural Peru
Speaker: Eduardo Nakasone, IFPRI/Michigan State University
Discussant: TBD
Conference Room 4BC

This paper presents new evidence on the role of price information in farmers’ marketing outcomes. I set up a field experiment in the central highlands of Peru. A group of farmers in randomly selected villages was provided with mobile phones, through which they received detailed price information for seventeen relevant crops in six regional markets. I find that those provided with the information received 13-14% higher prices for their products. This effect was larger for perishable crops and for more risk-averse households. Information also made farmers more likely to participate in commercial activities and sell their crops (rather than allocating them for self-consumption). These results were not driven by other mobile phone benefits as the phones distributed to the farmers were restricted to only receive the price SMS during the period of the intervention. They are not driven by production decisions either because the intervention took place after planting decisions had already been made. Finally, I also investigate the possibility of information spillovers by examining marketing outcomes of households who did not receive the information but lived in villages where others did. I do not find any significant effects among households in this group.
Watch the seminar via GoToMeeting at the scheduled time.

November 13: Topic TBD
Speaker: Clair Null, Mathematica
Discussant: TBD
Conference Room 4BC

3 Responses to Upcoming Events

  1. Drew Cameron says:

    The event is from 12:30pm – 2:00pm.

    2033 K Street
    4th Floor Conference Room
    Washington, DC 20006 United States

  2. Tsegaye says:

    who are elligeble attendee for the DC seminars

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